• 5.18.15

    Peter Martin Makes Claptone "Immortal"

    The world of Electronic Dance Music has its own unique culture. Minus an exception or two every generation, only in EDM can an artist’s career and form be bolstered from behind a mask. When music is a visceral experience shrugging off the construct of fame, social identity is secondary. Or, some may argue, the mask allows for true and honest communication. Voiceless and hidden, expression is employed only through music. It creates a direct line between the artist's expression and audience members, creating flawless communication.

    Recently joining Daft Punk, Deadmau5, and Sia is Claptone, a German, golden masked deep-house artist. His initial collection of singles swept the EDM scene last year, making a tour and EP inevitable. After a year of development, Claptone began his first international tour this spring entitled “Immortal.” The show has been called groundbreaking thanks in large part to Oscar Nominated director Peter Martin who was at the helm to ensure it was as beautiful and affecting as can be.

    The name of the show, “Immortal,” represents an indictment of time, explaining why Peter focused on time’s life cycle. In many ways, time is a human construct but one that has become so ingrained we literally live and die by it. Unless you are immortal. Past, Present, and Future each got their own musical chapters in the show, each featuring their own visual languages. Still compositions and moving pictures fill out a full experience. When these imaginings are paired with Claptone’s music it becomes a celebration and investigation of the past, present, and future. The visual cues and environmental methodology paired with Claptone’s music create a fully immersive experience.

    Like all experiential events, you really just had to be there. But check out the official trailer and showreel for a taste of the magic.

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