• 5.4.10

    PDN's Photo Annual 2010

    Photo District News announces "the innovators who made the year in photography." Erwin Olaf and Michael Schnabel were recognized for their advertising work, Stephen Wilkes was honored for three of his editorial pieces, and Stewart Cohen's and Joel Meyerowitz's photo books were lauded. Pictured above is Olaf's "Voltaren" campaign with agency Saatchi & Saatchi. The campaign illustrates that with Voltaren gel, the elderly can become flexible as flexible as a ballerina, dancer, or yoga instructor. Creative Director: Magnus Olsson. Art Directors: Alexander Lagoet, Rick Coolegem.

    Photographer: Michael Schnabel Category: Advertising
    Client: O2
    Agency: VCCP Berlin
    Creative Team: Lars Wohlnick, Michael Milczarek

    While the chairs may appear to rest on snow, they are actually sitting in a white sand desert in South Africa. The tagline for the campaign reads "Creating new paths, so that you have it easier," showing that O2 is willing to go the extra mile for the consumer. Learn More

    Photographer: Stephen Wilkes Category: Editorial
    Publication: The New York Times Magazine
    Director of Photography: Kathy Ryan
    Photo Editor: Clinton Cargill
    Design Director: Arem Duplessis
    Deputy Art Director: Gail Bichler

    The dancers of Moses Pendlton's troupe Momix grace the cover of "The Green Issue."

    Photographer: Stephen Wilkes
    Category: Editorial
    Publication: New York Magazine
    Photography Director: Jody Quon

    Wilkes took a time-lapse photo of Washington Square Park in New York City, capturing the park from day to night.

    Photographer: Stephen Wilkes
    Category: Editorial
    Publication: Vanity Fair
    Photography Director: Susan White
    Assistant Photo Editor: Dana Kravis

    Wilkes' image appeared in the story about Bernard Madoff's wife Ruth, "Ruth's World." Ruth appears in her Manhattan penthouse prior to her eviction by Federal Marshals.

    Photographer: Joel Meyerowitz
    Photo Book: Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New york City Parks
    Editor: Lesley A. Martin
    Forward: Phillip Lopate
    Production: Matthew Pimm
    Designer: Francesca Richer
    Creative Director: Peter Buchanan-Smith
    Publisher: Aperture Foundation

    Not since the 1930s under Franklin D. Roosevelt's WPA campaign has a photographer attempted to document the nearly 9,000 acres of parks in New York City's five boroughs. Commissioned by the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, renowned photographer Joel Meyerowitz celebrates the beauty of New York's City's parks in the publication of Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness in New York City Parks.

    Photographer: Stewart Cohen
    Designers: Todd Hart, Zech Bard/focus2
    Copywriter: Bill Baldwin
    Publisher: Dream Editions Press

    Stewart Cohen's book Identity examines a series of subjects and what makes them unique as individuals. The monograph is compromised of 50 portraits, to which each person Cohen poses the question, "What makes you unique as an individual?" The hand-written answers are displayed on the facing page, giving each portrait a personal touch.
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