• 10.8.19

    Patrik Giardino Celebrates China with Adidas

    Adidas and 72andSunny Amsterdam brought photographer Patrik Giardino to China to capture the key art for the brand’s latest Chinese campaign.

    Patrik was working on a shoot in Silicon Valley when he connected with a producer about the campaign. A few days later, he was on a plane to Shanghai. “The shoot is for China’s 70 year anniversary this year. China has officially been an independent country for 7 decades, starting in 1949 after WWII. Adidas created this ad campaign to celebrate the country and it's history.  It’s actually a huge campaign, it’s one of the biggest media campaigns in China. It was all over the country,” explained the photographer.

    The photoshoot consisted of a series of portraits of different Chinese figures. The shoot took about three days to complete, working with the busy schedules of the Chinese celebrities and athletes involved in the shoot.

    “These shoots were way bigger than I had expected. The idea was to have portraits among illustrations to be mixed together. The illustrations were added to guide the identification of the women’s and men’s sports teams and categories,” explained Patrik. “All of the subjects from this campaign are very famous Chinese athletes. China is very different than America when it comes to sports, the focus is different. In America, you could shoot a massive athlete like LeBron James because everyone loves him. In China, there’s less focus on the individual, so they don’t get paid the same way. They have a different way of looking at sports, it’s much more focused on a team and the community.”

    Although Patrik only had a half-hour with each athlete, after about 15 minutes he was sure he got the shot. “It was a lot of work jumping on the project last minute, but it was very rewarding. It was really nice to work with the Adidas team in China. There were fun moments. Proud moments. It was great to shoot in Shanghai.”

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