• 11.2.17

    Paola + Murray Make Sure You Don't Miss Out

    We all have FOMO - the Fear Of Missing Out. You log on social media and you see that amazing party, or vacation, or dinner party that just seems divine and you wonder “Why don’t I ever get to do amazing things like that?” Social media seems to be the biggest enabler of FOMO, but it can also be a remedy as Paola + Murray recently tested for New York Times Magazine. They attended a dinner party thrown by a food critic and their job was to make NYTimes Magazine’s followers feel like they were there. “Shooting for the NYT Magazine was a dream come true and to know that we were photographing Tejal Rao’s - a food critic for the NYT- dinner party made it even more exciting,” they say. The photographs got posted to @nymag’s Instagram Stories so that all of their followers could attend - in the comfort of their own home.

    Being a great critic comes with being a great craftsman, and Rao knows her way around the kitchen. Being in that space, around that energy, is the perfect environment for Paola + Murray to capture what’s actually happening. “Tejal and her partner Hugh were great hosts and the energy during the prep was electric, you could tell they are a well oiled machine and that they have entertained many times before,” explain Paola + Murray. “Timing is crucial when you photograph someone prepping, cooking, serving, eating and so on. For this one we had to move very fast since we did not want to disrupt the “dance” between the hosts and the guests and we also wanted to convey the natural, authentic, warm feel that was being created in the room.” The results are a “fly on the wall” view of what these experiences are really like. But there’s opportunity for more, and that’s exactly what Paola + Murray were going for.

    “We wanted the smell of the delicious apple tart being baked to come through the images as well as the juxtaposition of creamy fondue and crunchy baguette,” they say. “We wanted our viewer to eat this one with their eyes and be at the table with Tejal and her friends.”

    Take a look! We hope your experience is as delicious as the real thing and you don’t feel like you missed out for a moment.

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