• 12.3.12

    Once Upon a Holiday with Tom Corbett

    Tom Corbett worked with Creative Director Kathy Moore on three shoots for the 2012 Somerset Collection Holiday Magazine: "As Imagined," "Great Gatsby," and "Once Upon a Holiday." "We hired Tom for all three shoots because of his versatility," Kathy says. For each shoot, Tom and Kathy worked together on the concept, casting and location scouting.

    The 12-page "Once Upon a Holiday" fashion editorial was shot outside on more than 20+ acres. Tom's lighting techniques created captivating fairy-tale inspired photographs. Somerset loved the photographs so much they created two spectate magazines with two different covers.

    Props for this magical fairy-tale shoot were done by B&A's very own Tara Marino.

    Creative Director: Kathy Moore
    Photographer: Tom Corbett
    Stylist: Nikko Kefelas
    Makeup: Brian Duprey (Judy Casey)
    Hair: George Ortiz (Contact)
    Prop Stylist: Tara Marino (B&A)
    Models: Sarah Stephens and Jana Wirth (Women)

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