• 10.17.11


    Olaf Hajek will be featured in an invite-only solo show at Berlin's exclusive Werft 2 project space on November 10. The exhibition will include around 12 - 14 original pieces and will be a combination of new work, painted specifically for the show like Flowerhead Queen (above), as well as others from worldwide exhibitions including his recent show in South Africa.

    Invited by art connoisseur Anna L"upertz, daughter of Markus L"upertz, Olaf sees the show as a great opportunity to show work tailored to the fine art world specifically. According to Olaf, he's able to "push limits with the fine art side, which then influences the illustration work." New areas and possibilities are explored, which allows clients to see what is achievable as well.

    He's quite excited to work with Anna saying that she "has worked with some of Berlin's most influential artists and galleries and I'm very excited for the collaboration."

    Olaf's previous show in Berlin drew around one thousand attendees, which speaks to his growing popularity as well as the city's thriving art scene.

    His next exhibition in the US will be at the Armory in New York City in April 2012.

    See more of Olaf's work here.

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