• 10.31.11

    Nomoco Illustrates for Kumon

    Nomoco creates colorful illustrations for Kumon's latest campaign. The learning center offers tutoring for kids K-12. Nomoco collaborated with the Mullen agency on the advertising campaign. Her illustrations bring learning to life with depictions of wildlife, books, and math. The idea behind the campaign is about giving voice and vision to possibility, to potential. To reveal the benefits that can't always be seen on paper and to give intangible concepts like curiosity, self-confidence, potential, etc. a representation parents and their children can see and understand.

    Nomoco has been experimenting with inks and their organic movement for the past several years. She uses this technique to create the watercolor-like background of the Kumon ads. Nomoco says of the work, "I receive many inspirations from nature and enjoy transferring this on paper in my way. Through this process I hope my picture will connect with children."

    See more of Nomoco's illustrations here.

    Client: Kumon
    Agency: Mullen
    Producer: John Rosato
    Illustrations: Nomoco

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