• 11.19.09

    Nathan Fox Calls You to One Show Entertainment

    One Show Entertainment is now accepting submissions until December 11th. A division of The One Club, One Show Entertainment "recognizes outstanding creative work in the realm of entertainment, including television programs, films, both documentaries and commercial releases, games and all other forms of electronic and online entertainment." Agency 72andSunny approached Nathan Fox for creating the 2010 call for entries artwork. His narrative style brings an epic car crash to life as the worlds of Hollywood and advertising collide.

    The theme of the poster is west coast meets east coast. Director Brett Ratner and advertising executive David Droga collide at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard and Madison Avenue. Peter Jackson faces off against the Burger King, and Jaws squares off against Scorsese riding an inflatable Alfred Hitchcock. Nathan Fox has assembled a mad mish-mash of industry titans in a frenetic array.

    When it came to creating the poster, Fox explains "I draw a lot of inspiration from Hollywood and advertising so it was really fun to collide the two in one concept. Even as a kid growing up the commercials were my favorite part of television. So it was doubly pleasurable to work on this project and give a 'tip-o-the-hat' to all of these icons and characters."

    Nathan Fox's illustrations have appeared in The New York Times, Interview, The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Wired, ESPN Magazine, Mad Magazine, DC Comics and many other publications. He is currently wrapping up graphic novel Fluorescent Black, and starting a new one called Dogs of War for Scholastic. Look for more of his upcoming work in Business Week and Rolling Stone.

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