• 7.7.15

    Monica May Helps Russian Athletes Find Their Power with Nike

    When Monica May landed in Moscow for her latest shoot with Nike, she arrived with a clear mind. “I didn’t quite know what to expect,” she says. The culture in Russia is entirely different from America, and that’s partially why she was there. The Russian idea of what a young girl could hope to grow up to be is traditional if outdated. So Monica arrived to help Nike change the minds of young Russian women, using their world-class athletes as examples in a new series of advertisements that show off their individuality and unique strengths.

    “It’s about each individual athlete that’s doing their thing,” says Monica explaining the spot. “We wanted to try to convey that these women are really strong. No matter what they’re doing while they’re practicing their sport, they’re going to persevere.” Whether it’s sparring with an opponent, running through nearly impossible choreography, or remaining in a mind-bending yoga pose, each of these athletes are operating at the top of their level and encountering the incredible challenges that one only finds at the apex of their study.

    They are taken to the edge of being beaten by their opponents or their own self-doubt. We see their moments of reflection where they consider what giving up or succumbing to outside forces would mean. But in those dark moments, when all seems lost, when surrender is the easiest route, they choose to go in the other direction: the path of strength. "What are you doing here?" boxer Kat Izotova asks herself after taking a stunning blow to the face. “You could have stayed at home, been someone's trophy…. Screw that. I'll earn my own trophy.” She powers back and overtakes her opponent.

    “All these ads were about overcoming things that would normally get you down, or things that aren’t traditionally girly, or things you need to persevere through,” says Monica. “You can literally go out and do what you want to do.” In many ways, Monica and Nike are popularizing the powerful female for a whole new generation of young Russian women with dreams. They’re proving that these dreams are attainable.

    Bernstein & Andriulli is thrilled to welcome Monica May as a new addition to our roster. Take a look at the spots described here, and head on over to her page to see her entire portfolio.

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