• 9.30.13

    Mike Piscitelli's Film for The Elder Statesman

    Mike Piscitelli and designer Greg Chait of The Elder Statesman partnered on a short film to announce the clothing brand's forthcoming children's line. Called "Tomate," it shows the disintegration a French girl's relationship with her lover. One minute, she's reading Walter Isaacson's Benjamin Franklin biography to him from their bathtub; seconds later, she wakes up to a note that reads, "Au revoir, mon amour – T." T stands for Tomate and (spoiler alert!) he happens to be an adorable stuffed bear.  

    "[Greg] didn't want to feature the children's clothes [yet], so the teddy bear represents the new kids' collection," Piscitelli explained. "It was a fun project because I was creating a loose narrative that fits in with the fashion-film genre and convincing the viewer that the girl was looking dreamily at a male model" He worked with the actress beforehand to ensure she could sell the emotional connection to an inanimate object. "I took on the bear's role off-camera ... there was a lot of, 'Why don't you love me anymore?' and, 'Look at the camera as though you've never been touched that way.' "

    Watch "Tomate" at right and read more about The Elder Statesman for kids at Style.com.

    Creative director: Greg Chait
    Director: Mike Piscitelli
    Producer: Ben Bonnet for Westy Productions
    Director of photography: Starr Whitesides
    Starring: Heather Kemesky and Tomate the Bear
    Music: Mike Einziger and Annmarie Simpson
    Editor: Mandy Brown
    Stylist: Sally Lyndley
    Hair stylist: Charles McNair
    Makeup artist: Sandra Ganzer

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