• 5.4.11

    Michael Schnabel Photographs the Latest Spyder Campaign

    Michael Schnabel collaborates with Can-Am for the second time on the global campaign for the Spyder roadster. Schnabel previously captured the Spyder in the California desert in 2009. The latest campaign was shot in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding areas. The diversity of the locale was advantageous to the shoot, providing city, mountain, and coastal sets.

    Schnabel captured the Spyder on location over the course of several days. Consecutive days of relentless rain created a challenge for him and the crew in the beginning. However, several hours of sun on the last day's coastal shoot allowed Schnabel to get the perfect cover image. For other images, mountain roads were closed so Schnabel could capture the Spyder being test-driven.

    Schnabel will be collaborating with Can-Am on the Spyder campaign again this year. See more of Schnabel's photography here.

    Client: BRP Can-Am Spyder
    Agency: Cramer- Kasselt
    Art Director: Shawn Holpfer
    Producer: Louis de Fontanes
    Photographer: Michael Schnabel

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