• 1.18.12

    Michael Schnabel for Mexico Today

    Michael Schnabel photographs the natural beauty and everyday experience of Mexico for Mexico Today. The initiative promotes a positive image of the country as both an unrivaled tourist destination and a global business partner. In two ads, Schnabel captures stunning mountains and an innovative wind farm.

    Schnabel shot the ads over the course of one week on two locations. The first location was in Oaxaca at what is said to be the world's largest wind farm. The area around the farm is incredibly large and the temperature the day of the tech scout was high, making for a difficult task in finding the perfect spot. However they finally found a nice pond with windmills in the background for photographing three small children admiring the landscape.

    The second location was Sierra de 'Organos, a national park in Durango. A thousand years ago the park was an ocean and as the water receded it formed the mountains into astonishing round barrens. The crew chose two spots among the rocks to drill cables into and have professional climbers climb for the shot. Schnabel adds it was "breath-taking" to see the easiness with which the climbers moved on the rocks. He says of the overall experience, "It was an amazing job through an incredible country with a lot of good and hard working people!"

    See more of Michael Schnabel's photography here.

    Client: Mexico Today
    Agency: Ogilvy LA
    Creative Director: Jeff Compton
    Production: Elle Sullivan Wilson
    Art Director: Nazanin Arandi
    Photographer: Michael Schnabel
    Retouching: Recom

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