• 1.31.11

    Michael Schnabel Captures Hyundai's First Hybrid Car

    Hyundai is releasing a hybrid version of the Sonata later this year. They aim to introduce consumers to their first hybrid car in a series of new ads shot by Michael Schnabel. The humorous tagline "It's 2011. So Why is This Our First Hybrid?" appears as Hyundai is explains why it has taken them so long to enter the hybrid market.

    Schnabel shot the ads on location in Dallas, TX. The first ad was shot at an area home and features a man taking off from his home with a jet pack, hovering over the car below him. The image is a playful nod to the fact that Hyundai is debuting their first hybrid when advanced technology like augmented reality and even jet packs have been around for years. The second ad, shot at a local steakhouse, contrasts the sleek sophistication of the car with the casualness of the steakhouse. Hybrids have typically had a hippie-label attached to them, but Hyundai wants consumers to know the car is accessible to everyone. Schnabel enjoyed working with Hyundai's playful approach to the ads, especially the sense of humor not often seen in car ads.

    The ads are appearing nationally now.

    See more of Michael Schnabel's portfolio here.

    Art Director: Tom Gibson
    Photographer: Michael Schnabel
    Copywriter: Steve O'Brien
    Art Buyer: Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi
    Production Team: Halprin

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