• 12.15.16

    Mark Hunter Celebrates the Holidays with Sunglass Hut

    With winter comes snowy days and plunging temperatures. We bundle up with scarves and cozy coats, but Mark Hunter wants to make sure you also grab a pair of sunglasses. This Holiday Season the photographer teamed up with Sunglass Hut on their holiday campaign that’s more than just an effort to move sunglasses. With that blinding white snow blanketing the ground, you need them. “You would normally relate sunglasses to warm times and the beach and all that but it’s sunny all year round. So it makes sense that even in the fall or winter it would be a great time for sunglasses. You need to protect your eyes,” explains Mark. They created a campaign that explores the holidays while also offering a clear and clean aesthetic, bridging the gap between expectations and celebration.

    “We picked such a special location in the heart of Malibu where we’re in such a remote, beautiful serene place with this really modern, pimped-out airstream and an amazing cast that was just full of crazy energy,” says Mark. “We shot this over the summer so it was funny because as they were dressed for the fall; it was quite hot.” Mark is always very careful to create a mood on set that is high energy and fun so that the feeling of the images doesn’t have to be faked or acted. Instead, it’s a true party atmosphere where everyone has fun. Once he’s created that, all Mark has to do is step back and witness what he’s set in motion. It all unfolds on its own.

    More than just a stills campaign, Mark worked with Sunglass Hut to create a commercial with some unexpected results. “I’m actually most excited that it was piggybacked as a video concept where we also filmed a full commercial which, to our amazement, was on broadcast television. it was kind of a surprise,” says Mark. “It goes super hand-in-hand with what I think a lot of clients want nowadays. There’s so many mediums with Instagram video and YouTube and all that. You don’t want to just have still images.” Creating this kind of multidirectional project is more and more important for engaging as many customers as possible, and Mark has honed all of these skills so that he can deliver to his clients exactly what they need when they need it, while speaking directly to their audience. It’s full service.

    Mark was able to go so in depth with the story behind this campaign because he relates to it directly. It’s shows more than just some folks having fun with each other on Christmas, it tells the story of how to have a happy holiday. “The concept of celebrating the holidays with your friends is something that really relates to me because that’s basically how I spend my holidays: with friends,” Mark says. “I actually work hardest during the holidays because that’s a time that I can play catchup when I have some great goals for the year ahead. It’s December and then January, and New Year’s Resolutions, so I use that time to master my business and see how I can grow for the future.” Now is the perfect time to pause and look the days and months ahead, and if you’re going to take the time to do that you might as well be surrounded by loved ones, whether it’s your friends or your family. Just make sure to protect those eyes!

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