• 2.17.12

    Marcus Bleasdale's Film for Human Rights Watch

    Marcus Bleasdale travels to the heart of the African continent for Human Rights Watch to film the tragic human casualties of a nearly twenty-year war waged by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). "Dear Obama: A Message from the Victims of the Lord's Resistance Army" is beautifully crafted, yet heartbreaking film that depicts appeals from the adults and children who have been victims of the LRA's notorious brutality.

    Bleasdale and journalist Joe Baviar journeyed to the region in late August to travel on the trail of the rebels. As the Obama Administration was pushing new legislation to protect civilians, Bleasdale filmed testimonies from victims asking for help. The rebel army, lead by war criminal Joseph Kony, is notorious for its campaign of massacres, torture, and abduction of civilians across Central Africa.

    "Dear Obama" was produced in conjunction with Human Rights Watch and The Pulitzer Center. The film won both a Webby Award and a People's Voice Award in the News & Politics: Individual Episode category last year.

    See more of Marcus Bleasdale's photography here.
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