• 1.17.17

    Marco Grob Tells the Unfortunate Tale with Netflix

    You may not want to read any further for what we are about to describe is an inspiring tale of creative collaboration but for the purpose of telling a very, very sad tale. The miserable story is, of course, A Series of Unfortunate Events, a new Netflix series that brings the unenviable yarn of the Baudelaire Children as told by Lemony Snicket to the smaller screen (or tablet, or smartphone, however you get your streaming media).  Netflix asked famed entertainment photographer, and frequent Netflix collaborator, Marco Grob, to help them visualize this most daringly morose of sagas.

    What they created together is a perfect construction of the decidedly wicked Count Olaf (played by Neil Patrick Harris) as he spies upon the poor Baudelaire trio from his obviously nefarious spyglass – the name for which we did not choose as a way to spoil any part of the show but you should know it was chosen quite purposefully. Not only does the image - created pixel by pixel thanks to Marco’s detailed work – encapsulate the ghastly state of affairs for the Baudelaires, it also reveals the production design that is rich with references, clues, and more than a happy life’s amount of shadows.

    We cannot in good conscience tell you to watch the show – "Look away! Look away!" proclaims the theme music. But if you must, it’s already streaming on Netflix.

    (At the very least, we beg you watch through your fingers.)

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