• 4.19.17

    Marco Grob Photographs Variety's Wonder Women

    2016 offered us all a whole lot of lessons, not least of which is to be more aware of the overwhelming power of women. The fact that we must bring attention to their power is in and of itself a teachable moment, but until we see equality across the board it’s valuable for everyone to bask in representation and lifting voices for every little girl and everyone woman who have been told that they cannot achieve their dreams. That’s just not true anymore.

    Every year Variety uses their massive reach as a brand to bring attention to a collection of women doing the important work of using their influence to benefit worthy causes. This year Variety chose to highlight six women: Jessica Chastain, Chelsea Clinton, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald, and Shari Redstone for their incredible work. And they invited Marco Grob to photograph each of these amazing ladies for a collection of six different covers, as well as a series portraits.

    This is a unique challenge for Marco who photographs a dizzying array of celebrities, mostly as a way to promote their professional work. But these features are not about the latest movie or development deal, instead they’re about humans effecting humans, so Marco gives us a deeper, richer look. A gracious laugh from Clinton. A quiet moment with Lively. A commanding and uncompromising Chastain. These photographs show the versions of these women we always wanted to see, but never had the access. Marco gives us a peek at the people behind the stories we hear from them.

    Each portrait comes with an interview that gets into the working moments of these women and who they are beyond the typical public story we’re used to seeing (and hearing about). We’re seeing more of what we want thanks to Marco’s invitation.

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