• 3.22.19

    Marc Hom's Game Of Thrones Finale

    Marc Hom is no stranger to the set of the captivating HBO series, Game Of Thrones. The photographer has worked closely with Entertainment’s editorial on four different series of images since the show’s premiere. For each set of photographs he’s taken of the cast, the number of images that became covers has grown, with this final project producing sixteen. Each photo features a different actor, with the occasional pairing of intertwined characters. “No one has ever done 16 covers,” Marc said, cognizant of the magnitude of such a statement. “There was so much inspiration - the sets are amazing, the costumes are amazing. The way the show is made, everything around you is so unbelievably done in the Game Of Thrones world,” Marc continues, letting us in on the magic of being on set.

    “The shoot itself was very well planned out. There was no way to achieve that level of work with that big of a cast without having it planned to the minute, because you only have 15-30 minutes with each person. We did have to be very careful because we were shooting where the show was shooting, so we couldn’t show any blood or spoilers from the set. We had to think about our camera angles and focus away from areas where the show had been filming. It was a lot of teamwork,” the photographer explained. Even the notion of there being blood on set incites a familiar anticipation for the fast-approaching series finale that is reminiscent of the consistent outpour of emotion from loyal fans and followers over the years.

    Marc revealed his process behind the shoot, which is surprisingly less focused on the final season than one would imagine. “I’m never really thinking of the script,” Marc says, painting the picture of his thinking while on set. “I’m giving my take on it and looking at it through my own lens as opposed to focusing on the script because then it’s not really my picture. That’s something I think about in all entertainment work. When it’s too controlled and too directed, everyone becomes too stiff. It’s fun for these guys to think about who they are underneath all that stuff. In the last shoot, we took them completely out of the context of the show and shot them in the trailers behind the scenes. I loved that because it took them completely out of character. You can allow yourself that when you have characters that are so well known because the characters themselves tell the story. They're so recognizable.”

    “It’s always incredible,” he continued, wrapping up his overall feeling about the photo shoot production. “We usually shoot in winter, but this shoot was done in June of last year. It was a touching moment because this was one of the last times the cast would be shooting in their beautiful costumes. They were in the middle of filming with just a couple weeks left. Kit was actually wearing that uniform for the last time when I shot him. It was a huge chapter of somebody’s life coming to an end, so it really was intense. We did 16 covers in 2 days with single portraits plus the big group picture. It was definitely a lot, but so well worth.”

    Marc Hom’s collaboration with Entertainment Magazine follows Illustrator Jeff Soto’s Westeros artifact project with HBO, continuing B&A’s contributions to the final season phenomenon of the Game Of Thrones television series.

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