• 10.24.14

    Marc Hom Reveals The True Story to People Magazine

    Stories are all about relationships. The actor’s trade is to form relationships with people they don’t know, and dive into them on screen for the benefit of the viewer. It is acrobatics of the heart, and perhaps the most crucial work an actor does. When Billy Magnussen and MacKenzie Mauzy were gearing up to appear in the movie musical Into the Woods with Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp, they had to meet each other for the first time. Every relationship starts with the first meeting, we all know first impressions are key. And since MacKenzie was to be the damsel in distress Rapunzel, and Billy her prince, this relationship was going to be important. According to People Magazine, Billy’s first thought about MacKenzie was: "I was like, 'Oh, she's cute!'" MacKenzie was a little more coy, saying, "He's not so bad." MacKenzie had to find something to love pretty quickly to sell the relationship to the viewers. And she did.

    When Marc Hom caught up with the pair for the feature in People Magazine, they got intimate very quickly. In the musical, Rapunzel’s prince falls in love from a distance, so it stands to reason their relationship would start off the way it did, with Billy feeling an immediate attraction, and MacKenzie taking her time. Marc was sensitive to the dynamic and ensured it would appear in the images.

    The moments that Marc shot show a couple who are confident, but Billy presents a clear protective streak for MacKenzie. Whether it’s offering a coat, a steady arm, or a place to relax, Billy reflects his prince in their dynamic. MacKenzie is soft, feminine, but pulsing with energy, projecting self-assuredness and comfort.

    Marc has made a name for himself highlighting the inherent grace and power that comes naturally with being a woman. He has shown in campaigns that every woman is powerful, beautiful, and worthy of respect and admiration. But relationships are equal, and as powerful as femininity can be, masculinity can be just as graceful. Billy’s look is strong, but boyish, prototypical of a prince. There’s an elegance and openness, to him. An invitation. And Marc dialed it up for the shoot, positioning Billy in ways that he could be vulnerable as well as strong.

    As artists work together and create relationships for roles and performances, sometimes that work spreads into reality, creating a brilliant residue that lives on after the final cut. The filming for Into the Woods completed months ago, but the relationship that Billy and MacKenzie built lives on in their behavior, and in front of Marc Hom’s lens, to be appreciated for the beautiful story it creates.


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