• 2.25.16

    Marc Hom Presents the Ladies of the Oscars

    Oscar season is the perfect time to get to know Hollywood’s most famous faces. The job of an actor is to disappear into a character so they can help us experience a story. But they have complicated human lives all their own, and now’s the time to get a little taste. Last year, Marc Hom shot a portfolio featuring some of the nominated artists for People Magazine, and this year he was at it again with one subtle but crucial change. “This time around we decided to make it a much more clean portfolio,” Marc explains. “It’s just one of those things, the cleaner the better. It was great.” Not only that, but this group was only the women. The last time, Marc used a bunch of different locations with different concepts, but felt it was necessary to have a clean through line for the whole portfolio to really highlight what made each woman different.

    As the Oscars get closer and closer and we make our way through Awards season, these women are incredibly busy but each was able to make some time to connect with Marc and capture these photographs. Even if he only had a short window to photograph, Marc was able to create intimacy and a relationship between himself and each actress that he delivered to us with the photographs. “They were all great,” says Marc. “There’s something kind of haunted about Jennifer Jason Leigh that’s quite interesting… And Alicia Vikander I’d worked with before so it was nice to see her again. Amazing to work with her two years ago and see how she’s progressed.” Between Alicia and Kate Winslet, and the rest of the actresses, there’s a huge range of experience and career, each working in different genres and on different roles. Marc is proud that he was able to show off each of their unique qualities.

    But of course, it wouldn’t be a Marc Hom shoot if he didn’t bring out the sensuality. “I love that photo of Rachel McAdams,” he says. “I’ve always found her so beautiful, and sexy, so I was very excited that we got to photograph her, you know what I mean? It’s a good mix of different people.” 

    Marc Hom is a fan of all the women he got to shoot and made a point to see as many of the films as he could before the ceremony this weekend. He’s looking forward to the awards as much as the rest of us. “I’m super excited,” Marc says. “I think Bree Larson is going to win, but we’ll see!”

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