• 6.19.15

    Marc Hom Keeps it Moving with Mika

    If you’re familiar with the work of Marc Hom, you’ve become accustomed to dramatic images with rich colors and luxurious lighting. There is a stillness that suffuses his work, a calm passion that is signature to Marc’s photographs. But for his latest cover with Vanity Fair Italia, Marc went in a slightly different direction.

    “There's movement to it which I like. It's a bit more loose than other things that I do,” says Marc about his latest cover with Vanity Fair that features European music sensation Mika. Mika expresses himself in many different arenas, and operates with a distinct intensity. But for this shoot, the two artists met in the middle and worked off each other’s creative impulses. Mika and Marc have worked together before, so they already had a rapport walking into this shoot. That helped them jump right in and get started. The last time they worked together, they created images that really sang Mika’s creative energy. When Marc compares this shoot to the last time, he says it’s, “Not so extreme, not so elongated in his poses. A little bit more straight forward. A little bit less quirky.”

    Mika is known for his explosive energy, so he and Marc found a way to be honest to both of their ways of working. In developing a pared down experience, Marc and Mika got to the root of their collective passions and found a natural stillness at the core. “I think there was a certain effortlessness to it which is always great,” says Mark. “Mika knows what he likes. I think we just have good communication with where we want to take pictures. When that’s in place it offers another kind of freedom to do what you want to do,” says Marc. As their creative relationship develops, they’re able to follow different lines of inspiration and energy, composing images that are unique and honest.

    Even though the images offer a calmer quality than what we usually see from Mika, Marc made sure the energy on set stayed high so the images would remain dynamic. “When you work fast you keep the rhythm up - I like that. We didn’t take too long between each change and you just keep going.” The constant flow of communication between Mark and Mika made for a collaboration that was honest to both of their styles, and a look at their shared work.

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