• 2.8.16

    Marc Hom, GQ & David Beckham Team Up for Charity

    When Marc Hom first met David Beckham it was years ago during a furious shoot where Marc photographed ten different soccer players. Beckham had just signed with Madrid and moved to Spain with his wife Victoria. He was in a transition period and beginning to really solidify his foundation as a soccer celebrity, but he was on his way up. In the years since that first, fast shoot, Marc and Beckham have seen each other a few times, but it wasn’t until late last year when Marc shot a much more in depth editorial for People Magazine that they connected deeply again. In those intervening years, Beckham became an international superstar, fashion icon, and philanthropist and Marc was able to see the whole development from the other side of a camera. Images from both shoots are being featured in a gala auction presented by British GQ and London's Phillips Galleries that will benefit The David Beckham Unicef Fund and Positive View Foundation. To celebrate, GQ picked five images from their entire exhibition to grace the cover of February’s GQ and both of Marc Hom’s photographs were chosen for two different covers. 

    “That makes me proud, I think it’s great,” says Marc. “It’s always great to be involved in these kinds of projects. If you can help in any way you can with the help of the endorsement of a celebrity, it’s good for everybody.” It certainly will help a lot of people. Both of the benefitting organizations work to improve the lives of children all over the world, and everyone involved anticipates huge success when the auction starts on March 10.

    As a celebrity, giving your name and face over to a cause is not an easy decision. Spending a life building wealth and fame is a currency that doesn’t need to be lent or given away, but success brings with it a certain amount of responsibility that Beckham has really given over to. “I think it’s more interesting in terms of what’s going on and where David goes from here after he stopped playing football,” says Marc (for the Americans in the room he means "soccer"). With this auction, it seems, what Beckham is going to do is use the assets he’s created over a celebrated career to benefit the less fortunate.

    David Beckham: The Man opens on February 27 with the images going up for sale at auction on March 10, with all proceeds benefiting The David Beckham Unicef Fund and Positive View Foundation. If you can’t make it to the gala action at least you can get a piece of this history in the form of Marc Hom’s two GQ covers.

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