• 3.14.14

    Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Launches With Sarah Coleman's Wordplay

    The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books approached Sarah Coleman to help organizers promote the April 12 and 13 event with a set of word-driven illustrations.

    "The L.A. Times team had seen something of mine they really liked – a highly colorful, hand-inked piece – because of its energy and movement," Coleman said. "I asked for a list of terms to compile (stressing that you can never have too many) and I went right ahead and penciled out the roughs at a large size. The first piece, 'Hail the Written Word,' was approved pretty much right away, with a fine tune here and there where book meets heading."

    Coleman noted that "Inspire Your Fire" took a bit longer "as the headline needed three versions before it felt right – and the burst of words actually went though four incarnations." She added, "Spontaneity can be so difficult to manufacture," with a wink.

    Her studio assistant, Graham Robson, assisted with the Festival After Dark microphone. "It was good to have a team of two on this to get the deliverables to target! We swapped tips on digital ink (him) and using Illustrator (me)," Coleman remarked. "It was a pretty sweet job to work on."

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