• 6.16.14

    Lightfarm Studios and Perrier melt into summer

    As summer kicks into high gear, so too does Perrier: swooping in to save us all from the oppressive heat. Their perennial Melting campaign returns as the mercury climbs up our thermometers, and Lightfarm Studios is there to bring it into 2014.

    Placing us on a boat a short distance from a melting coastal city, Lightfarm Studios has put us in a precarious situation: our flotation device is dissolving into the sea. Not only is the deck buckling into the water, but an adjacent sailboat is almost completely melted, and the city in the distance is turning into a river of molten metal and stone. The beautiful nightmarish scene is almost entirely computer generated. Using CGI, Lightfarm Studios does the heavy lifting, turning a summer scene into a Dali inspired holiday "fever dream."

    The only things that remain intact from the heat are the bottles of refreshing Perrier. Simon McCormack, from Lightfarm Studios, explains that they digitally constructed the bottles, which is a little unconventional. He says, “We intended to photograph the bottles but the samples had a rough ride in shipping so we decided to change to a CGI solution.” This allowed for a whole new level of control in how the bottles looked, and Lightfarm Studios totally nailed it, considering how much Perrier loved them.

    Perrier’s Melting campaign has been around for half a decade, ushering in the summer, and Lightfarm Studios was excited to be a part of such a rich tradition. Simon confided, “We were thrilled to have the opportunity to create the next installment.”

    Now to find out if those bottles float…

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