• 12.9.13

    Late Night With Jason Madara and ABC Carpet & Home

    ABC Carpet & Home partnered on its second campaign with Jason Madara, this time for its Aura collection. "ABC's art director, Angela Gruszka, and I spent four months hammering out the concept for these images – we wanted to shoot at night, but we couldn't find the right environment until we came across LongHouse Reserve in the Hamptons," said the photographer. "The team was on set from 7 p.m. to 4 a.m. two nights in a row and, to me, it resembled shooting in a studio in many ways. The space was secluded and without ambient light; everything was heavily lit by strobe."  

    Madara & Gruszka carefully selected the pieces to complement the foliage. "We put a lot of thought into which rug would go where based on the coloring and lighting," he explained. "Granted, there were some last-minute changes, but the balance of foreground and background in each of the pictures is perfect. [Retoucher] Rebecca [Bausher] put on the finishing touches in post-production."  

    He admitted he was nervous following the success of his previous Color Reform visuals: "The Aura ads are different, yet they have the same voice. ABC really asks for my input and as a photographer, that makes you want to do this [type of job] more and more. The brand lets me produce images that could hang on a wall, which is rare in advertising."

    Watch a behind-the-scenes video below.

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