• 6.8.16

    Kyle Bean Makes Waves

    When you’re barreling through the sky in a multi-ton metal tube held aloft by controlled explosions, the watery abyss a mile below you might not be the first thing on your mind. Or it might! The most recent issue of easyJet’s proprietary magazine is all about the waves and features a cover composition by Kyle Bean who always offers a unique take on everything he touches. Kyle’s piece is placed alongside an article about indoor wave simulators and he used his unique style to explore the mechanics behind these processes and how we feel about them. “As a viewer you see the textures and the way something is made,” Kyle explains. “That offers an interesting extra dimension to an image that might otherwise just be seen as something created entirely digitally. And for me it’s that mix of precision with at least a part of the process being handmade.”

    Kyle applied his aesthetic to the wave by cutting out a series of wood pieces and painting them in shades of blue that grade from front to back. For Kyle, this is to call up images of technical maps, the perfect example of how humans try to classify and measure the enormous power of the earth. “I wanted to get across the idea of a manufactured wave, something that kind of looks a bit scientific,” Kyle explains. “So I took the approach of a layered, almost topographic wave. I wanted to reference topographic imagery as a way to portraying this idea as a technical analysis of how you create waves.” Those layers made it possible for Kyle to work with his photographer, Sara Morris, on a GIF that brings the piece to life on a totally different dimension.

    As an artist, Kyle could create his work out of any medium in the world, but there’s a reason he creates entirely handmade work, constructing it piece by piece. “I’ve always liked making things physically and I think when you see something constructed it’s kind of got this nice engagement to it,” he explains. When Kyle goes fully hands-on we can feel it in the work which is why we’re so absorbed by it. Art is more than just aesthetic, it’s also about a relationship between the piece and the audience, and for Kyle that relationship starts with his process.

    To get an even deeper look at Kyle's process take a look at the Making Of video below.

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