• 11.17.17

    Kyle Bean Finds True Love for Got Milk

    What happens when a glass of milk gets to do its own thing? Set free into the world to find its own kind of love, aside from the pairings we force on it (like a slice of chocolate cake), what kind of life would it find? We’re not sure, but Kyle Bean is. In a hilarious new ad for Got Milk, Kyle brought a glass of milk on a love tour, helping it introduce itself to a bevy of suitors including a hot dog, a taco, and a sushi roll. Because at the end of the day, as the ad teaches us, food loves milk. All food. 

    “We wanted to get a weird British sense of humor to it and I thought that could come quite purely and simply when we’re puppeteering food – that in itself is quite a bizarre funny thing,” Kyles says about the practical way he shot the piece. “Everything was shot in camera.” If you check out the behind the scenes look, you’ll see that each moment of the video was created on unique sets and each movement was puppeteered thanks to special rigs.

    Kyle is no stranger to creating work this way – almost everything he makes is practical: cut paper, constructed machines, sculpted figures. He makes impossible images in a workroom and gets them photographed into a final composition. But this was the first time he’s worked on this scale.  “It was one of my first forays into proper directing a live action film project so actually it was quite a new experience for me. It was quite a learning curve along the way,” says Kyle. “I was able to work with quite a big team of people which is something different. Sometimes it’s just me working by myself, but on this, it was a good 30 or so crew members, so it was a big team.” The team was all focused on the same thing: making a video that was funny, compelling, and told the story they wanted to tell. But it’s no coincidence that Kyle’s video is live action. He made sure it happened that way.

    Initially, Got Milk had the script and were exploring different ways to execute it all. When Goodby Silverstein and Partners, Got Milk's agency, came to Hornet to see how Kyle would do it, he was very clear: “I had the idea of shooting it all practically with real milk, a real glass, and these very graphic sets,” says Kyle. “In some ways, not too dissimilar from the process I’m used to with still works but just it’s on a much bigger scale.” Got Milk swooned, just like the glass of milk, and the results are true love.

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