• 11.16.09

    KTV Media Animates "Dexter: Early Cuts" for Showtime

    KTV Media worked with Showtime Network for Dexter: Early Cuts, a series of webisodes that serve as a prequel to the wildly popular and multiple Emmy winning show Dexter. Dexter is a serial killer who works at as a blood splatter forensic officer at a police department with a very selective process of choosing his victims. The webisodes reach deep into Dexter lore and gives fans insight into three watershed killings that mark the beginnings of Dexter's bloody career.

    KTV Media produced and animated the webisodes, working closely with Showtime for sound editing, Interspectacular for direction, and illustrators Kyle Baker, Ty Templeton, and Andre Vera Martinez for creating distinctive illustrations. The webisodes are animated with 2.5D style, where flat 2D illustrations are brought to life in 3D space.

    Longtime viewers of Dexter, KTV Media was excited to work with Showtime to give something back to Dexter fans. The webisodes were first announced at comic-con San Diego in July to enthusiastic responses. Josh Kimberg, founding partner of KTV Media, on the appeal of Dexter: "I love how atmospheric the show is, the methodical way he goes about killing people, and the intrigue that gets created by the fact that he works in the police department."

    In crafting the style of the webisodes, KTV Media took this opportunity to introduce new artwork while keeping true to the likeness of the characters and the way the show represents the passing of time.

    Four chapters are already live on the Showtime website and available on iTunes, check back for new installments as Dexter's history gets revealed.

    New episodes of Dexter air Sunday nights on Showtime network.
    KTV Media has been creating webisodes and other awesome content since 1995. They have written, directed and produced projects across old and new media, launching products, services and brands with consistency, continuity and award-winning creative.

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