• 8.1.16

    Kiehl's Goes Global with ilovedust and Radio

    Kiehl’s started as a small apothecary in New York City’s East Village, but in the more than century and a half they’ve been around their reach has extended all over the globe. In the time the company has been creating skincare products they’ve founded retailers in cities of every corner of our planet. Their global take over continues this year with a team up between the skincare giant and creative studios Radio and ilovedust to spread the love. In the ongoing advertising series “Kiehl’s Loves,” imagery imagines the relationships between Kiehl’s native New York and other cities all over the world.

    Blending the cultures of two cities is a challenge in and of itself, and something that Kiehl’s must do every time they bring their products to a new city. That’s the exact challenge that Radio and ilovedust were confronted with in these projects, and they executed them exceptionally.

    Radio has worked with Kiehl’s before, creating a mash up of icons that come together into a clean combination of understanding. For their composition that blends New York and Hong Kong, they highlight the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, taxis, pretzels, and pizza with the cherry blossoms and skyscrapers of Hong Kong. Center stage is a Buddhist statue offering serenity, and a traditional fishing boat from the South China Sea.

    Ilovedust’s illustration reckons with Dubai. The almost comically developed city in the United Arab Emirates reaches appropriate heights in ilovedust’s style, playing sweeping graphic lines off the angles and skylines of both Dubai and New York City. This is where the two cities meet, linked through a parade of camels in a style that’s reminiscent of graffiti.

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