• 7.24.14

    Kerstin Jaeger Works her Magic on All of U-Das UNGER Magazin

    When magazine editors sit down to plan a new issue, they have to create a wide variation of styles and images to keep their readers interested. Even though every magazine has a point of view, and a stylistic touch, they curate a range of looks to keep it fresh. This can present a challenge, since the magazine has to get whole teams for every editorial to cater precisely to each style. Hair and Make-Up Artist Kerstin Jaeger has enough range that U-Das UNGER Magazin hired her for every editorial article throughout the entire magazine. Every single editorial image features her work.

    From “Asphalt Cowgirls,” that features women on the streets of LA in nouveau Midwestern garb, to “Desperate Housewives” showing off updates of 1940’s fashion, to four others, Kerstin had to manage each of the seven unique looks in the whirlwind three and a half day shoot. How was she able to work two stories per day for three and a half consecutive days? The German hair and make-up artist’s response may not be surprising: Organization. “Everything had to go so fast. The days were so short,” Kerstin says. “So it was just good planning and then pulling it through.” But this fits perfectly with how Kerstin prefers to work.

    “I prefer to plan. It’s a very German thing I guess!” she remarks through giggles. “It’s just good if you know exactly what you’re going to do. It’s nice to be spontaneous, but it helps me to be planned.” By working with the stylists, doing research on the locations and apparel, and planning out the looks, more time is spent on getting the right shot than making sure the models look right. That work was already half done because of her preparation. “It’s like a marathon sometimes, but so much fun. So much fun and so creative.”

    Kerstin’s ability to reach a great range of looks is likely thanks to her international work. Although Kerstin is German herself, she works prolifically for American companies, and she’s noticed that the German idea of beauty is slightly different from the American idea. “American is more bold in color. In Germany it’s way more natural, and clean,” Kerstin explains. “I would say in the US it’s a little more fun with the color and color variety.” The variety is built into her work, so it's no wonder she was able to pull this off.

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