• 6.19.15

    Kerstin Jaeger Goes Uncharted for a Good Cause

    Like something out of a child’s high society, Kerstin Jaeger’s recent shoot for Uncharted Play brings reflections of royalty in youth. The toy company creates products that kids can play with and generate electricity. It quite literally is evidence of the power of play. Every piece that they sell presents one more child who they give access to their products, meaning that each purchase through Uncharted Play brings off-grid power to those who lack access to reliable energy.

    The shoot is a glimpse at a lifetime of dress up. A multicultural collection of tots are decked out as the elite, and Kerstin’s make-up was in place to punctuate the message. Her light hand allows the kids to remain youthful and gentle, but underscore the sophistication and maturity framed by the composition. Applying make-up to children is tricky business, it’s a balance between the message of the shoot, but providing space for their youth and vigor to come through.

    The hair is classic and regal, styled reminders of bygone eras. They reflect the elegance of these times, while keeping it playful and child-like.

    For more information about Uncharted Play and the work that they do, check out their website. In the meantime, enjoy Kerstin’s portfolio.

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