• 8.24.12

    Kareem Black is no stranger to the Ditch Club

    Running around the LES of New York City with Kareem Black and all the cool kids for Steve Madden's Ditch Club really makes us want to lace up our boots, pull out our studded backpacks and head back into the 90's.

    Kareem gives us some tips from his class cutting days:

    1. Make friends with the school staff, the security etc. they are usually down to make deals or turn the other cheek if they feel respected.

    2. I grew up in Philly and it is illegal to lock the doors of a school in case of fire. They cant all be guarded at once.

    3. Sometimes the best ditching can take place inside the school itself. You don't have to leave the premises at all. I remember days in high school where I ate lunch 3 or 4 times!



    Here's a chance to win some swag from the photoshoot!

    More photography from Kareem Black here

    Photographer: Kareem Black @kareemblack
    Stylist: Khalym Schell @eatkhake
    Assistant: Christina M Hirsch @cmannatt
    Hair: Jillian Halouska @JillianHalouska
    Makeup: Rika Shimada @rikalicka
    Models: Alexandra Tikerpuu @alehhhhhandro, Micky Ayoub and Hali Kai @halikai
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