• 3.5.13

    Kareem Black Challenges Fast Fashion with Byronesque

    On September 6th, 2012 Byronesque sent out a group of activists to protest the over consumption of fashion and had Kareem Black film the entire thing. Five girls were sent to occupy "mall street" in New York's Meatpacking District. In the spirit of the vintage editorial/e-commerce website Byronesque, the girls wore rare Seditionaries gear (the "Clothing for Heroes" that kicked off a cultural revolution more than 30 years ago).

    "Occupy Mall Street" is a two part feature in support of Vivienne Westwood's Active Resistance Manifesto. In the film, Kareem Black paints a picture of dark and beautiful chaos as he follows the rioting girls through crowded cobblestone streets. Watch as they protest with signs featuring quotes by some of our cultural heroes: "Your future dream is a shopping scheme" by Johnny Rotten, "I never think that people die, they just go to department stores" by Andy Warhol, and of course "Buy less, choose well" by Vivienne Westwood.

    Director: Kareem Black
    Creative DIrector: Justin Westover
    Editor: Luca Campanale at Plus
    Hair: Remy Lane Moore
    Make up: Kristin Figueroa
    Protest posters designed by: Tzortzis Rallis
    Music: Lamb
    Tash Moore
    Christin Muuli
    Marie Sophie Pedon
    Alex Sturman
    Meredith Travers
    Joan Wood

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