• 10.9.15

    Kai & Sunny Remember Gavin Clark Through His Own Work

    Part of what makes Kai & Sunny’s work so visceral is the hand drawn process of creating the imagery. Each line and dot is carefully applied next to the last in a meticulous process that begins to reveal an image over time. It takes incredible focus but eventually the composition is uncovered like a new being.

    Gavin Clark, the celebrated English singer-songwriter, passed away earlier this year and like any active artist was working to the end. That left some work unfinished, and they’ve been brought together in the upcoming album entitled “Evangelist.” The EP was finished by his friends and long time collaborators Pablo and James, known as TOYDRUM, as a way to honor their friend and fellow artist. They asked Kai & Sunny, who were also friends with Gavin, to provide the artwork for a record that is poised to be a haunting self-eulogy for those who so profoundly feel his loss. "We wanted the imagery and concept to be very rough and low-fi but with a high end packaging finish," explain Kai & Sunny who used Gavin's image and style as the inspiration for the project.

    Working off of photographs, Kai and Sunny applied their techniques to create the whole feel of the album artwork. The most notable convergence of photographs with Kai & Sunny’s style comes in the image for “Whirlwind of Rubbish,” a single off the record. The horizontal lines, iconic to Kai & Sunny’s work, skate across the image like a blast of wind while Gavin stands in its midst with his jacket gripped against his body. The image is most obviously a metaphor for the whirlwind he’s being subjected to in the theme of the song but also like a shade looking back to us from the other side of a veil. We see him now, separated from us by passing beyond life, speaking again through his music. It is a fitting image of a life creatively lived and a reminder to those who miss him.

    Watch for Evangelist to be released on December 11 of this year.

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