• 8.27.16

    Kai & Sunny Harness Time at Colette Paris

    When we experience art, when we consume art, there exists a moment between the artist and the viewer that expands through the connection. Most times we see the finished product and take it in at our leisure - and if we don’t get to see the piece live at least we can see effigies through print or digital capture. But what is often missed is the care and time that goes into creating the art that we see. Bowed by the glory of a final work, the actual work of it often goes unseen. Unless you are looking at work by Kai & Sunny. Each of their incredibly intricate pieces is created line by line, layer by layer, using nothing but ballpoint pens. Drawn into each image is the time it took to create each final piece and you can feel the press of time just by seeing it. Fans and new converts alike will have the opportunity to experience Kai & Sunny’s work first hand through a solo exhibition of their work at Colette in Paris starting at the end of this month.

    The exhibition, My Eye On You, will feature a series of new work by the illustrative duo that plays on the theme of time. Regarding the pieces is to see the artistic process, how building each line next to each other shifts the following. A tremor within a single line echoes out in the following thousands, referencing the butterfly effect, and exposing how artistry is as much a relationship with medium as it is with the passage of time. 

    At the show viewers will get to engage with this new work, as well as have access to a limited edition vinyl record box set with a show booklet. Kai & Sunny will make available the next release of their ongoing collaboration with Colette and Element Skateboards, featuring four new designs that will present to purchase. Prints will also be available.

    My Eye On You
    August 29th – September 24th 2016
    213 rue Saint-Honoré 75001, Paris, France 

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