• 10.16.15

    Justine Sweetman Displays Her Range with bebe and Revolve

    Fashion operates on a cycle. What was once cool and fallen out of style is bound to come back, just give it time. Refinery 29 tapped into this timeless truth in their latest collaborative editorial with fashion brand bebe, showing off the company’s fall seasons that draws on retro prints. Tapping into the images that fill your grandmother’s photo albums, they brought the aesthetics directly from the 1960s and 70s straightforward into these compositions. Wood paneled walls and fuzzy jackets set the tone, right alongside Justine Sweetman’s effortless makeup work.

    Those decades were about being unique and having fun, so it’s no wonder that Justine’s work exudes that comfortable and totally accessible energy that matched the rest of the look. At a time when a simple pop of color was all you needed, on top of natural colors, Justine offers a light touch and a discerning eye to bring balance and the right amount of energy. The 60’s and 70’s were marked with self-empowerment and a rejection of modern influences, opting more for individual expression and the value of being unique. Justine allows for the models’ features to come through in this editorial balancing strength and style.

    Justine was also on hand for a shoot with Revolve Clothing, a project that showed a much more formal look, while still highlighting each of the models’ assets. Darker shades are more dramatic for Revolve, bringing in a serious tone for a dose of gravitas. Her work is still about energy, but a more sultry note that entices in its calming power, playing perfectly off of Dina Calabro's hairstyling.

    We’re thrilled to welcome Justine Sweetman to our roster of Hair and Makeup Artists. Take a look at her full portfolio here.

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