• 10.20.16

    Josh Cochran and Andrew Rae Introduce Google's Newest Generation

    If technology has achieved anything in the last two decades, it’s helped us communicate better. Whether we’re sharing our thoughts in a finite number of characters, images from our daily lives, or the latest presentation at work, we’re able to bring information to each other in incredibly efficient ways. But we can always be better, can’t we? When Google launched their suite of products that include Google Docs and Google Sheets, they did it with the intention of bringing everyone together - and they achieved it. Last month they decided to rebrand the entire project as GSuite and invited a handful of artists, including Andrew Rae and Josh Cochran, to help them launch it.

    The campaign celebrates how easy Google has made professional and personal communications no matter where users are, and both Josh and Andrew take that idea and turn it into a visual language.

    Josh Cochran’s “Airplane Window” shows multiple professionals working from their own private spaces as if through the windows of a plane. Each of them has found a way to be in their own corner of the world while being efficient workers. The strength of any company comes from diversity of thought and one way to keep that fresh is to allow employees to follow their personal curiosities. The constant communication and information sharing that GSuite facilitates allows each worker to make their own discoveries and deliver them back to their team. Josh shows each of these team members engaging in the exploration, enriching the final product of their collective work.

    Andrew Rae’s piece, “World Meeting” depicts figures from all over the world brought together into a single room. From first sight it looks like each of them are literally in the same room together, but upon further inspection we see that they’ve created a central location that is impossible: it features Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Empire State Building, and more famous landmarks. Instead of this meeting happening in one location it’s happening through Google’s GSuite in the common digital space. Andrew shows us that GSuite allows us to be everywhere at once, and in one place together.

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