• 9.20.13

    Johnnie Walker's Mid-Autumn Festival Campaign by Shotopop

    LOVE Creative enlisted Shotopop to tackle Johnnie Walker's Mid-Autumn Festival campaign for the Chinese market. Per the brief, the visuals were to be loosely focused around an immortal tree growing on the moon, part of the country's folklore. A character called Wu Gang tries repeatedly to chop it down, but the bay laurel continues to grow back.

    Johnnie Walker's Striding Man figure assumes Wu Gang's post, but scales the tree instead. "As he ascended, he realized that it was taller than the universe itself," explained Shotopop's Casper Franken. "He found its branches heavy with infinite blossoms of gigantic fruit. When he bit into the tree's treasure, he tasted the intense flavors of Johnnie Walker Black Label: smoky peat, deep chocolate, sweet vanilla, rich fig, and zesty orange."

    "When the Striding Man reached the top of the tree, he understood that just like the immortal tree never stops growing, his own journey knows no end," the story continues. "Wherever he adventures, his message to us all will always be the same: Keep walking."

    Franken and his team made special-edition packaging for the Black and Gold Label bottles, a special-edition Blue bottle design, and a set of key visuals – the latter "a bit more intricate, as we decided to build a set to depict the scene, instead of simply reusing the illustrations," he said. "We recreated the tree design, taste-notes, and character in 3D. It was all 3D-printed, painted, assembled, and carefully transported to the studio to be shot by photographer Sam Hofman." Watch the process in the behind-the-scenes video.

    Designer, illustrator, and director: Shotopop
    Agency: LOVE Creative
    Photographer: Sam Hofman
    Retoucher: Stilletto
    3D printer: Inition

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