• 7.16.14

    Joey L helps Warsteiner tell you to "Do It Right"

    Warsteiner beer has been around since 1753, that’s 211 years of German hops, yeast, and malt. That makes Warsteiner older than The United States of America. If a brand has been around that long, it’s obvious they’re doing something right. They most recently started a new campaign, with photographer Joey L., to spread that message. To implore people that if you’re going to do anything, “Do It Right.”

    In their own explanation of the campaign, Warsteiner said they looked to present “stories of people who do what [is right] for them. At the same time, the campaign asks everyone to stand up for whatever their individual pursuit might be.“ It’s about considering what actions you’re taking, and to do them full out without apology. When regular folks dive into their unique interests unbound there’s certainly going to be some surprising results.

    Warsteiner tasked Joey L. with profiling three real-live Germans in and around Frankfurt, highlighting their own personal passions that they do right. Michael Maas rejects the spotlight, instead he fosters his passion for lighting musicians. Gabriele von Lutzau carves incredibly intricate and detailed wood sculptures using only a chainsaw. René Karg put together an office chair-racing league that has had its 3rd Annual Race with corporate sponsors like WD-40.

    When a company is as established at Warsteiner, they can get caught in public opinion. Product centric campaigns are great for selling beer, but human centric campaigns sell ideas. Human campaigns sell slivers of a lifestyle. “They like to pair interesting, but real people with Warteiner,” Joey L. explains. For every person there’s a special passion, which means countless variation across infinite disciplines. But Joey used his acumen to keep the campaign feeling unified as one solid statement. “For all three of the pictures I tried to bring a sense of cohesion to how they feel.” He and Warsteiner chose a warm light for the whole campaign that groups them in the same world, despite the differences between specialties. Despite all their different interests Warsteiner can cover them all.

    This campaign was a long time coming. Joey L. met with Amsterdam Worldwide about the possibility of working together 6 or 7 years ago. Not everything gets slapped together, sometimes it’s got to take time. Take time to work it out. Take time to do it right. In fact, when it came time to shooting René Karg between hay bails in a turn on the track, to get the shot just right, “I made them go down, probably a hundred times.” Joey L. had to make sure that they could Do It Right. And they did.

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