• 7.25.11

    Jim Wright Covers Men's Fitness and Men's Journal

    Jim Wright photographs the August 2011 covers of Men's Fitness and Men's Journal. Alex O'Loughlin, the star of the hit CBS show Hawaii 5-0, covers Men's Fitness. Tennis legend John McEnroe covers Men's Journal.

    Wright captured O'Loughlin as he showed off his fitness regime in the hills in Malibu. The buff actor demonstrated how he incorporates the outdoors in his workouts, by running in the hills with large rocks and doing pull-ups on tree branches. The set proved to be a bit of an undertaking as a small studio had to be built on the side of a hill to capture the actor working out. Wright found O'Loughlin to be "laid back" and a "real trooper until they got what they needed."

    Wright photographed McEnroe in New York City, just two doors down from McEnroe's apartment overlooking Central Park.. Due to conflicting schedules, the crew ended up getting only 45 minutes. Wright found McEnroe to be "a nice guy," and the two bonded over a shared love of music. The tennis star's wife, singer Patti Smyth, even stopped by the shoot at one point and helped coach him through the shots.

    The August issues of Men's Fitness and Men's Journal are on newsstands now.

    See more of Jim Wright's photography here.

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