• 5.19.11

    Jim Wright Captures Kyle Chandler for Men's Journal

    Jim Wright photographs Kyle Chandler for the June cover of Men's Journal. The former Friday Night Lights star is gearing up for the summer release of his next film, Super 8. Inside the magazine the actor talks about his rewarding career, his family, and why he left L.A. for Texas.

    Wright captured the actor at Disney's Golden Oak Ranch in California. The idea behind the shoot was to present Kyle as a man's man; someone who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Wright and the crew experimented with a couple of setups before settling on Chandler dirtied up, leaning over the open hood of the car. As Wright went in for the close-up of Chandler, the shoot's photo director yelled, "You got your cover!" Sure enough, the shot ended up on the cover. Wright had nothing but praise for Chandler on set. The two bonded before the shoot over discussions of barbeque and beer. Wright calls Chandler, "just one of those guys; a guy's guy."

    The June issue of Men's Journal is on newsstands now.

    See more of Jim Wright's photography here.

    Publication: Men's Journal
    Story: "Kyle Chandler: The Last Solid Dude"
    Producer: Stephanie Morton
    Equipment: Sync Productions
    Photo Directors: Michelle Wolfe; Jodi Peckman
    Creative Director: Benjamin Purvis
    Photography: Jim Wright
    Styling: Annie Psaltiros
    Groomer: Kim Verbeck
    Prop Stylist: Nanci Bennett
    Car Provide by:Kevin Kearns
    Photo Assistants: Jim Moy; Jason Johnson
    Digital Tech: James Acomb
    Location: Disney Ranch

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