• 9.15.15

    Jesse Nemeth Teases Fox's Fall Lineup

    How do you distill an entire story into one image? Wrap the potential and excitement of the future and compose it into one shot? Every fall, artists come together to consolidate the ideas of TV’s next season into advertisements to get fans excited and tease the stories without giving too much away. For the wildly popular shows The Last Man on Earth and Gotham on Fox, the potential of the coming seasons has to be distilled into single images and Jesse Nemeth lent his styling to help these creative teams pack as much punch into the posters as possible. Character and relationships are balanced in composition with a carefully chosen collection of objects to best tell their stories.

    The Last Man on Earth follows Phil Miller as he tries to find his way in a barren world after a mysterious apocalypse brings the human population down to almost zero. Phil casts a collection of sports balls as his friends and the second season finds him setting off to explore the empty United States with his friend and ex-wife Carol. But in the poster we see him still holding onto his friends – the audience of inflatable faces that he monologues to in private moments. Jesse Nemeth’s careful placement teases a coming season rife with the tension between the face Phil shows Carol and the petty humanness that is his private foil.

    On the other side of the spectrum, the huge set piece that is Gotham explores an imagined history that leads up to Batman’s reign over Gotham City. The cast of characters is wide and deep, weaving a tapestry rich enough to live up to the Dark Knight’s legacy. The stark expanses of The Last Man on Earth are nearly the opposite of the rich characterizations of Gotham’s world. We have Oswald Cobblepot who will become the Penguin with his signature umbrella dominating their composition. Edward Nigma, the future Riddler, adjusts his glasses referencing the cerebral nature of this criminal mastermind. Tabitha Galavan is introduced as Tigress, with a bullwhip lifted into action. The judiciously chosen items are brought together by Jesse’s touch to tell each and every story in a concise way, priming us for a rollercoaster in this season’s “Rise of the Villains,” and richly balancing a compelling image.

    A second promo for Gotham features a first look at Theo Galivan, a mysterious new villian who promises to help bolster the rise of these villains. Jesse's set speaks to the noir aesthetic of the show while remaining unobtrusive to focus the viewer on what this new threat could be.

    Watch for both shows to return to Fox this Fall.

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