• 2.3.14

    Jesse Nemeth Teams Up With Time Warner Cable

    Time Warner Cable Studios, an interactive experience that filled Manhattan's Highline Stages ahead of the Super Bowl, showcased set design and prop styling by Jesse Nemeth.

    "I was initially contracted for the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) lounge – I suggested wall treatments and furniture," explained Nemeth. "The client and creative team were extremely pleased with my direction and gave me the go-ahead ... but with two weeks left, I received a bunch of fabrication requests," including 51 custom football helmets, three for each of the seventeen networks highlighted for the event. One was for display purposes, another presented to TimeWarner execs, and the last given away by raffle.

    Nemeth received sketches and basic instruction for the headpieces that represented stations from Showtime to The History Channel. "I revised the designs as needed and discussed in detail with my team the best way to execute each concept, maximizing production value while maintaining realistic expectations of what could be achieved in time for the deadline," he said. "For the 'Black Sails,' 'Vikings,' and 'TVGN' helmets, we added decorative elements and moved at a faster pace; when the foundation itself needed to be modified, it required much more attention. Some involved LEDs and 3D elements – those were the most complicated."

    His favorite was a last-minute addition: a gift to Highline Stages for hosting the Time Warner Cable Studios event. "We delivered a pitted-concrete helmet with three-inch-raised, laser-cut logos in a weathered wash and some subtle, warm rust tones. The face mask was painted the color blue from the venue's logo," he noted. "The overall effect was gritty, yet understated."

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