• 12.4.13

    Jesse Nemeth Sets the Stage for Sandra Bullock

    Entertainment Weekly restaged Howell Conant's iconic portrait of Grace Kelly – this time, leading lady Sandra Bullock pulls apart the drapery – with the help of set designer Jesse Nemeth. "We were looking for something that communicated both old Hollywood glamour and also had a celebratory, almost backstage feel to it," explained Aeriel Brown, EW's senior associate photo editor. "I happened upon the photo of Kelly and .. . we loved the white curtains and thought they were a classy way to create that behind-the-scenes, entertainer feel."   

    Nemeth provided an ornate chaise and other furnishings for the shoot that resulted in a minimalist and relaxed aesthetic. "It was a real challenge to find something that felt special – the Entertainer of the Year is an honor – but that could also make for a situation where Sandra could lounge," Brown said. She added that the team discussed at length how the various fabrics would appear on camera: "We needed something that had a slight sheen to it and we knew that there were a lot of reds and whites with the wardrobe, so we had a lot of conversations about colors."

    Photographer: Cliff Watts
    Stylist: Elizabeth Stewart at the Wall Group
    Hair: David Babaii at Tracey Mattingly
    Makeup: Sabrina Bedrani at Tracey Mattingly

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