• 10.3.13

    Jesse Nemeth's Vintage Vespas for Lucky

    Lucky mag tapped prop stylist Jesse Nemeth for its September editorial on moto jackets. Titled "Easy Rider," the photos feature Nashville star Sam Palladio and up-and-coming model Bree Smith – the latter sporting different takes on the trend.  

    "Prop stylists play a crucial role in photo shoots here at Lucky," said photo diector James Morris. "They help set the tone for the story we are trying to get across in a very organic way that our reader can relate to. Their eye is very important in setting the scene."

    Nemeth brought in options for vintage scooters and helmets to be used on set. "It was pretty easy to find what I needed in L.A.," the bi-coastal artist explained. "L.A. is made for production, whereas in New York, you need to be resourceful and have connections. I made a few phone calls and located a place in Santa Monica that specializes in vintage mopeds, with everything available for rent and production, and the employees drove over the scooters in a pickup truck, dropped them off, and we had them at our disposal."  

    For each shot, Nemeth stood by as stylist Lawren Howell chose the outfits and photographer Pamela Hanson planned the frame. "I changed the molded panels with the wheel wells and the front guards on the Vespa to match the clothing, and we moved around items to make the scenes more compositionally interesting," he said. "Sometimes, it's extremely subtle – there's a shot of [Smith] sitting in front of the window and I put the nicest scooter inside so you can see a little bit of it in the background."  

    Smith and Palladio didn't actually fire up the mopeds; however, Nemeth did. "I have a motorcycle license, so [the rental company] felt comfortable with me driving it from location to location – we didn't need to get a handler," he noted. "It was my first time riding a vintage Vespa, and the body posture and shifting is completely different from when you're on a motorcycle ... it was awkwardly fun, but I don't think I'll be purchasing one anytime soon!"

    Photographer: Pamela Hanson
    Stylist: Lawren Howell

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