• 8.7.13

    Jesse Nemeth Does Double-Duty for Time

    Time enlisted a team of B&A artists to collaborate on images for this week's cover story, "The Childfree Life." 

    "Although we had all of the prop elements available, communicating the concept visually presented a challenge, despite its simplicity," recalled prop stylist Jesse Nemeth. "Using a borrowed beach cart, I carefully rigged all of our props and inflatables with wire, creating a colorful beach sculpture on wheels, within twenty minutes." But his work didn't stop there; Nemeth did double-duty, posing as the Sysiphean dad, "which was easy as a father of two-year-old twins."

    Stacey Jones, the wardrobe stylist, noted that the photographer envisioned a Norman Rockwell sensibility with a modern twist. "Using this as a starting point, I tried to bring a vintage style and color palette to the wardrobe," she said. "The location, which was also a throwback to that era, was a perfect backdrop to capture the overall feeling."

    Makeup artists Gregg Hubbard and Sophie Haig used the afternoon before the shoot for experimentation. "My only concerns were sun protection for the models and making sure their glowing skin did not come across as sweaty," Hubbard noted. On the morning of, "We arrived before the sun was up completely and we were finished by 11:30. Awesome day."

    Photographer: Randal Ford
    Prop Stylist: Jesse Nemeth
    Wardrobe: Stacey Jones
    Makeup: Gregg Hubbard, assisted by Sophie Haig

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