• 4.25.14

    Jesse Nemeth and Urban Outfitters 'Get Fresh'

    Urban Outfitters had Jesse Nemeth set the scene for its "Get Fresh" look book, which features the retailer's spring offerings. "The mood boards reflected a very young and playful bohemian vibe, focusing on swimming and water elements, colorful flowers, teals, blue, and greens," Nemeth said. "I dissected the boards into different categories – purchases, rentals, and fabrication – and then took different ideas and tried to make them my own."

    One idea, inspired by images of tree swings, was to suspend a bed from tree branches. "I weighed the option of bringing in and hanging a wrought-iron bed versus something I would fabricate," Nemeth explained. "Not knowing specifically where we would hang it, I went ahead and constructed a small platform bed from repurposed wood (sourced from a local reclaimed-lumber yard). It had a beautiful texture, and the design was simple, yet functional." He lashed the bed to an old olive tree using one-inch, marine-quality manila rope and fringed the ends to create tassels.

    He also secured a truckload of greenery for the three-day project. "A perk of shooting in Southern California is the weather is almost always perfect; however, everything is dry and brown from lack of rain," Nemeth noted. "We had tons of potted plants, ferns, succulents, tree blossoms, oversized branches, and green grass (both fake and real). We needed everything to look lush and vibrant … one day, I'm in the comforts of my office drafting a set for a production and the next day, I'm digging holes in the dirt, planting ferns under the hot sun."

    The set designer counts Urban Outfitters among his favorite clients to work with. "There's a sense of creative license that lets me bring whatever I want to the table as long as it's within the construct of the story – very rarely have they said no to an idea," Nemeth remarked. "The transformation to the UO world feels real because the atmosphere we create is real, and [photographer] Devyn Galindo captured it perfectly here."

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