• 9.28.18

    Jess Rotter Illustrates Parker Posey's Truth

    Parker Posey is a unique brand of celebrity. Her humor percolates like a pinball from anecdotes to painting uncommon moods and knocking her audiences off balance in the most charming ways. When it came time to deliver her own personal story through her memoir, the approach was unconventional and she presented it unconventionally: it’s an invitation to spend time with her more than anything else. ‘You’re on an Airplane’ enfolds you in Posey’s stories in ways only she could tell them, and she collaborated with illustrator Jess Rotter to bring us even deeper into that experience. The results are far more than a traditional collection of illustrations.

    Jess’ work is always injected with a sense of whimsy and nostalgic authenticity that she shares with Posey’s work, so the collaboration is seamless. Illustrations meet photographs (both new and vintage), brought together with type and composition that feels as contemporaneously hilarious as it does like a moment out of a bygone era. “The illustrations were a whimsical collage collaboration with Parker directly as an homage to zines and books of the past evoking spirit over modern slickness,” Jess explained. “Super grateful to be a part of this awesome project.”

    The imagery is playful, but there is a rich solemnity to it: it reminds us that we’re reading a memoir. When we tell our own stories, we tell them from our own vision, through the glass of experience. Our experiences are what bring a color to what we remember and what we tell. Jess’ creative interpretations of Posey’s tangible histories elevate the truth into memory, bringing us into the often foggy experience of reliving and retelling our histories. In some ways, the results are more truthful to the experience of Posey as she and Jess were able to create representations that feel the most true even if they’re not entirely real.

    The book is full of these collaborative collages and although we’re sharing a number of them here, the only way to get the true experience is to pick up a copy for yourself.

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