• 10.30.14

    Jeremyville Visualizes The Reality of Data Mining

    Personal privacy is under attack. The invasions into our daily lives have been decried from one narrative edge to the other. Whether it’s Google tracking your online shopping to tailor your ad experience on Facebook, to the inspection of data usage to secretly change your cellular experience, companies are mining data that has often not been knowingly handed over. That has been the story for the last couple years as this practice becomes more developed. But Kate Kaye from Advertising Age wanted to dive a little deeper and see what the real life abilities of these companies are. What she found may surprise you: the data mining isn’t as sophisticated as you think, and has the potential to become even less effective.

    Kate Kaye lives in Jersey City which is widely ethnically and financially diverse, and therefore location based data represents such a spread that it's hard for companies to simplify neighborhoods like her into easy data bites. To help tell the story of this foggy data, Ad Age contracted Jeremyville to illustrate the madness of collecting this data. On her three-week sojourn, Kate Kaye voluntarily had three separate companies track her movements and lived life as normal. Her typical three-week experience brought her from Jersey City, throughout Manhattan, from buying groceries to donating blood. Jeremyville had to capture this breadth of lived experience from one side of the Hudson to the other.

    The challenge of these data companies is to discern between different city dwelling citizens, so Jeremyville captured the confusion and energy of New York and New Jersey on the cover of Ad Age’s “The Data Issue.” Whether doing their laundry, shopping, or fishing in the river (which always yields alarming results), the movement of so many people is hard to track successfully purely because the volume of data is almost impossible to penetrate. Jeremyville’s aesthetic lends itself to movement and confusion, while keeping it playful and exciting.

    It’s a constant battle between data creators and data sleuths, one chasing the other who doesn’t realize they’re being chased. Volume and variety is what creates the challenge and Jeremyville was able to capture this perpetratorless chase through his energy and style.

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