• 4.1.11

    Jeremyville Creates Colorful Totes for LeSportsac

    Jeremyville has partnered with LeSportsac on their Artist in Residence collection. The Spring/Summer 2011 collection will include more than 50 bags and totes featuring bright colors and vibrant characters designed by Jeremyville. A specially commissioned screenprint edition of 150 has been launched with the collection as well.

    The collection has three main themes. "Jeremyville NYC" is inspired by the artist's love of the city and features aerial shots, typical New York characters and iconic landmarks in concrete grey, graphic black and sky blue. "Bondi Sketchbook" is based on Bondi Beach in Australia, where Jeremyville grew up. He incorporated the nearby skate park, local cafes, and the surf at Bondi Beach in an urban playground of dove, khaki, green, and peach. "Tomorrow Forest" is an imaginary world created from the sketchbooks of Jeremyville. The rich color palette features strange characters such as bird people, smiling mushrooms, and furry creatures in apricot, brown and fuschia pink.

    The bags are available in LeSportsac stores worldwide and online.

    Client: LeSportsac
    Artist: Jeremyville
    Creative Director: Megan Mair

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